A GoFundMe was set up to help poker players attend the WSOP in 2023.

To help participants attend the 2023 WSOP, they started a GoFundMe.

For the 2023 World Series of Poker Event #56, Angela Jordison and Jacqueline Burkhart have already funded approximately $18,000 to send more than eight players.

They started a crowdfunding campaign to send people to the WSOP in 2023.

The World Series of Poker 2023 is quickly approaching, and with it comes increased anticipation and reports of developments around the event. A new project’s birth has been announced.

Even though thousands of players go to Las Vegas every year to take part in one of these tournaments, attending the World Series of Poker is still out of reach for many. That’s why they’re turning to crowdsourcing to help bring their vision to life.

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In order to bring military veterans to next year’s Event #56: Tribute to Veterans on June 25, Global Poker Award winner Angela Jordison and professional player Jacqueline Burkhart have created a GoFundMe.

They want to be able to contribute to the heroes of the United States in more ways than just the $500 buy-in. The original plan called for just five players to participate, but the success of this project has beyond all expectations, with over US$18,000 donated to far.

This may be the beginning of a new life for one of these service members; in 2022, James Todd knocked off 3,209 other players to win the World Series of Poker bracelet and US$161,256.

In response to the overwhelming number of requests we’ve had for information on how to accept donations to assist us send veterans to the @wsop tribute to warriors event, we’ve set up this gofundme.

We may wind up sending more than 5 veterans, depending on the outcome.


March 21, 2023 – Jacqueline Burkhart (@jackiburkhart81)

“This gofundme was established in response to several requests for information on how to contribute to our effort to send veterans to the @wsop Tribute to Warriors event. It’s possible that we’ll send more than 5 veterans, depending on the outcome.”

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  • Marjory.jacobson

    The text discusses a GoFundMe campaign started by Angela Jordison and Jacqueline Burkhart to send military veterans to the 2023 WSOP event. They initially planned to send five players but have already raised over $18,000 and may be able to send more veterans thanks to the success of the crowdfunding campaign.

  • This text highlights the initiative taken by Angela Jordison and Jacqueline Burkhart to raise funds through a GoFundMe campaign to send military veterans to the World Series of Poker 2023 event. The success of their crowdfunding campaign has exceeded expectations, with over $18,000 donated so far. It shows the impact of their efforts in providing opportunities for veterans to participate in the prestigious tournament.

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