At the PGT PLO final table, Guerra and Barbero each won three hands.

At the PGT PLO final table, Guerra and Barbero eac...

Spanish ranking champion Nacho continued his winning streak after three consecutive victories, bringing a successful conclusion to the Poker GO series.

The Poker Go Pot-Limit Omaha Festival studio event at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas has concluded. Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo’s outstanding performance has been officially recognized with three wins in the PGT PLO series. Nacho Barbero also performed well, finishing third for the season.

The eighth event, the $25,000 PLO Championship, was held on the day of Last On. The Spaniard received $518,750 in prize money, and the Argentinian finished in sixth place, earning for $124,500. Although Nacho won Event 3, he ended up finishing third in the championship, behind Jim Collopy and eventual winner Guerra Cabrerizo.

In the big showdown, it’s Nacho Barbero.

Going into the final table, Barbero slowed down as he saw Krasimir Yankov raise to 75,000 on the cutoff and then to 275,000 on the button. ; Yankov went all-in and Nacho called.

Barbero: KK54 Yankov: AAJ7

Europe holds top pair and is on the river The hand made a flush with J32105 and won the pot. Barbero’s total winnings of $380,900 during the festival moved him into 12th place in the PGT rankings, now led by the unlikely Spaniard.

Guerra’s failure

The winner of the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha tournament beat out 83 entries. After winning Games 5 and 7, the Spanish player has now won three matches in four days. Guerra Cabrerizo won the series with 774 points, more than twice as many as the runner-up. For his efforts, he received a plaque and a $25,000 award. Guerra Cabrerizo won all three awards in the series, earning a total of $1,067,150 from those awards, bonuses and championship bonuses.

The prize money for the 8th competition is US$2,075,000. Of the 16 players returning for the final day, only 12 managed to cash in, including Johann Ibanez in eighth ($83,000) and João Simao in 11th ($62,250).

First place, $518,750; Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo

Second place Ren Lin, $352,750

Third place : Krasimir Yankov, $269,750

Fourth place Chris Lee, $207,500

Jim Collopy, fifth place, $166,000.

Sixth Nacho Barbero, $124,500

$103,750 #7 Josh Arieh

Johann Ibanez, eighth, $83,000

Maxx Coleman, 9th, $83,000

10th: Jeremy Ausmus, $62,250

11th: João Simao 62, $50

10th Second place: George Wolff, $41,500

At the PGT PLO final table, Guerra and Barbero eac...

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  • This text highlights the success of Spanish and Argentinian poker players in the Poker GO series, particularly the outstanding performance of Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo who won three matches in four days and earned a total of $1,067,150. The text also mentions Nacho Barbero’s strong performance, finishing third in the championship and winning $518,750 in prize money.

  • This text seems to be reporting on a Poker GO series event, specifically highlighting the achievements of Spanish player Nacho Barbero and Argentinian player Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo. It provides details on their wins, rankings, and prize money earned during the series.

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