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KSOP SA: Guri do Poker AA wins dark with 0.5 blinds

KSOP GGPoker SA: 'Poker Kid' busts out with 0.5 bl...

KSOP GGPoker South America rocked the Riocentro lobby on Wednesday with a special tournament. Performed by invited guests, Star GG entertains participants and audiences in an unusual format that emphasizes commentary and fun. One of the players who stopped by was “Guri do Poker” and his participation resulted in a beautiful clip.

“Poker Kid” reached the final table of the tournament and was later identified by YouTube user “shevii2k”. Gu Li’s ending can be said to be very happy or very unhappy. This all happens after the player has lost three all-in bets and has only 0.5 blinds left.

“Poker Guy” was almost dead in the game when he decided to go all-in on the next hand without stopping to look at the cards. In this match, Felipe Mojave is the opener. The GGPoker Ambassador is also short, placing his 2 blinds in the middle. “Guri” didn’t want to pay even though he had a 0.5 blind bet, and the two started a duel.

Mojave opened his , but the “Poker Guy” surprise came. When it came time for the reveal, he “just” opened, which certainly begs the question, “Why wasn’t this the last hand?” Good times and bad, Guri showed no fear in this hand. And won a pot against the Ambassador that brought him back to almost 3 blinds.

But this victory was almost useless. Three hands later, he went all-in again and flipped, ending his participation in the FT in eighth place.

KSOP GGPoker SA: 'Poker Kid' busts out with 0.5 bl...

Merit’s Mediterranean Poker Party Fiesta Regresa

Merit’s Mediterranean Poker Party Fiesta Regresa

Mediterranean Poker Party (MPP) announces its long-awaited return, hosting festivals from2. It will be held on May 14th at the luxurious all-inclusive Merit Royal Diamond and Spa hotel in North Cyprus. Five selected games have been selected so far, with the full schedule set to be released in the coming weeks.

  • 1,000 + $100 Mystery Bounty, $1 million guaranteed (May 2-5)
  • 2,000 + $200 EAPT Finals, $2 million guaranteed (May 5-9)
  • 5,000 + $300 MPP Main Event, $5 million guaranteed (May 9-14)
  • $1,000 + $100 EAPT Cyprus, $500,000 guaranteed ( May 11-14)
  • 10,000 + $400 MPP High Roller, $1M Guaranteed (May 12-14)

How many players Qualify in a variety of ways, including online satellites through GGPoker, which offers entry and accommodation packages worth $5,300 for the main event.

Hannes Jeschka is the defending champion.

In addition, throughout the year, players can receive prize money worth €5,000, which includes €2,200 towards the Grand Final entry fee and accommodation.

Doron Ziony, Director of Business Development at DTD Events, commented: “We will be releasing more exciting information about MPP in the near future, but suffice it to say , this event has something to offer all participants and a wide range of banks.” The 2024 event will bring exciting poker products and fun activities to bring the summer holiday spirit back to Merit. ”

Songul Bekem, President of Merit Poker said: “Everyone at Merit is very excited about the return of the MPP in 2024 and we encourage players to take note of the date and plans now. As always, we strive to provide players with the best experience possible. ”

The last Mediterranean Poker Party was held in September 2022, when Hannes Jeschka of Merit’s new poker opening won the Main Event, taking won $542,000 in prize money. The best Latino in the competition was Juan José Membreno, who finished in 24th place and received $30,000 in prize money.

Merit’s Mediterranean Poker Party Fiesta Regresa

Do you play KSOP? Check out the restaurants in Barra da Tijuca

Are you going to South America KSOP GGPoker? Check...

KSOP GGPoker South America is coming, and the venue is no less attractive than the stage guarantee of R$ 50,000,000. The event is held at the RioCentro in Barra da Tijuca, where players can take in the beauty of the area while competing at the poker tables.

Mundo Poker will help you learn how to enjoy the restaurants in the area. There is a wide variety of cuisine to suit everyone’s taste, from restaurants suitable for a romantic dinner to simple-looking restaurants suitable for a day out with a group of friends.

Click on each person’s menu to access their Instagram name:


Gran Parrilla

T.T. Burger

Fogo de Chao

Gran Parrilla (Copy: Instagram )

Japanese Cuisine

Yusha Grand Hyatt Hotel



In Colonia Trattoria

Tutto Gnocchi


Heaven Cucina


La Botticella

Maccherone (Replay: Instagram)


Camarada Shrimp

Giuseppe Mar



Holland Sauce

Beco do Alemão


Santiago Winery

Asari Austria

Cais Bar

Are you going to South America KSOP GGPoker? Check...

Samuel Laskowitz selects PokerGO Tour event #03

Samuel Laskowitz holds off Haxton for first title...

The last chance winner of the PokerGO Tour will be announced in Las Vegas on Thursday (04th). American Samuel Laskowitz lifted the trophy after defeating Isaac Haxton, the world’s best player in 2023. Isaac Haxton made a decisive victory Singled out.

Samuel refused to be intimidated by his opponents and defeated 82 entries in Event #03, a $10,100 buy-in event. Awards are available up to $205,000.

Final of the Championship Table competition is fierce and there is no shortage of experienced players on the Championship Tour. After several hours of play, David Peters, Dylan Lind and Aram Zobian were eliminated, leaving a three-way showdown between Davis, Haxton and Raskowitz.

Isaac was dominant from the start, but Samuel scored an important double header to keep things going, then eliminated Seth Davies 55-J8. It was even a draw in the decisive heads-up, but Laskowitz took a good lead and used it to put pressure on the 2023 world’s best player’s chip stack.

On the decisive hand, Samuel called everyone – from the small blind of 98o, Haxton quickly called on 55. Isaac had a chance to double, seeing a KK6 flop that gave Samuel a lot of outs, and the T-turn made things worse. Laskowitz reached the river 9 and took the title.

View the prize pool below:

1. – Samuel Raskowitz – $205,000

2. Place – Isaac Haxton – $139,400

Third place. Place – Seth Davies – $106,600

Fourth place. Place – Dylan Linde – $82,000

5 – Aram Zobian – $65,600

6. – David Peters – $49,200

7. – Jonathan Little – $36,900

Samuel Laskowitz holds off Haxton for first title...

Books: ‘Final Table’ Review and Gareth James Interview

Books: Review and interview with Final Table autho...

Player and coach Gareth James published his second book “Final Table” with publisher D&B Poker in July this year. The book provides a detailed analysis of a very important topic: various strategies. , this can be applied at the final table of a tournament based on the players still participating.

It is surprising that so few books have been written on the subject, since the biggest prize in a tournament is that it is the key to the final table. So, one mistake can cost you a lot of money, and in the long run you will be on the podium at events more often if you make the right decision.

Book Review

Seventeen-time gold bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth wrote the foreword and some of his words were: “The first thing I loved about this book was how Gareth gave how to play at the final table Long, detailed examples of hands. The second thing I love about this book is that it focuses on the most important moment in your poker career: the final table.

The book is divided into 7 main Sections:

This separation helps a lot because the strategies used for each strategy vary greatly depending on the number of players at the final table. Additionally, people who want to reread a specific chapter can go directly to that chapter to review it again Concepts.

The author does an excellent job of explaining each hand very clearly. You can tell he is a coach and has students because he takes the time to explain why he makes the decisions he makes and by showing What the solver would do in any case to verify these decisions.

One of the highlights of the book is the number of hands that need to be read, 131 hands in total. Because there are so many, he does not limit himself to pointing out Which hands are suitable for going all-in preflop, or where your opponent can go all-in – in. He discusses various scenarios such as limping, blind defending, 3-betting, card grabbers, board structure, short stack strategy, blind fighting, Three-barrel bluffs, hero calling, floating and how to deal with the chip leader are just some of the topics covered.

Towards the end of the book, Gareth discusses continuous improvement and describes what can be used to improve finals Six ways to play table games. He also has a few words on adjusting for weak players, software advice, fixes, different types of chops, what the solver won’t tell you, and the PKO tournament final table.

Who will benefit from this book? Players who regularly play online and use tools like Pio Solver will benefit greatly from reading Final Table. However, the concepts will also be useful for those participating in live tournaments, as many of the concepts Also applicable to live tournaments. This is undoubtedly one of the best books of 2023 and I highly recommend reading it.


Author Interview

We: How the idea came about The idea of ​​writing this book was born. Did D&B also think about similar ideas?

Gareth: My wife and I talked about it. I came up with the idea for an ICM book and realized there was a gap in the market for a solid side table book covering simulations, how to analyze simulations, and how to use logic to understand what’s going on. The next day I emailed Byron Jacobs (of D&B) and had received an email from him asking me to schedule a meeting. During the meeting, he asked me if I wanted to write a book called The Final Table. A very strange 24 hours.

We: I think this is a very important topic, but very little has been written about it. Do you think so too? Why are the decisions we make at the final table so important?

Gareth: Yeah, I think it’s crazy that there isn’t more coverage of probably the most important stage of the game: This is definitely where the most money is won and lost. . Poor decisions and misunderstandings can lead to disasters worth thousands of dollars.

We: I think you did a great job analyzing the hands, there are over 100 hands – how did you choose them, they were given to you by your students of hands or do you have a large database of online tournaments?

Gareth: I review a lot of final tables for my students because it is such an important area of ​​focus and therefore there is a lot of resource material to draw from. I also watched a lot of tournament defining videos with trump cards. Examples in the book come from tournament definitions, my students’ hands, and my own database.

I am reading your book set against the backdrop of the Mendoza landscape.

We: What do you do? Do you think these are the most common mistakes made when the table is full with 8/9 players?


  1. Opening too many hands, especially in early position when covered by the chip leader.
  2. Pay too many out-of-position 3-bets, and the risk premium is high (this doesn’t just apply to the table as a whole, but it’s an important principle to understand). at the start of the final table).
  3. Go all-in and pay too loosely.
  4. Without assessing the situation and understanding who you have the highest risk premium on (note: this is always the case with the chip leader) and finding out where and when they are in the blinds, to Guaranteed post-flop position.
  5. Defend the big blind and gain equity.

We: What are the most common mistakes in three hands and heads up?


  1. In a three-handed table game, there are only ante bets for 3 players, so unless you play the big blind ante of tournaments that would otherwise have less content to compete for. This can lead to the big blind player defending too much, especially when they also factor in the risk premium.
  2. In HU: Fold too much against small bets because you have to defend very far against a minimum bet from a clean pot. Any type of backdoor will do! Ha ha.
  3. To HU: There is no ICM in heads-up, so you should only play with chip EV.

We: Why? Recommend players to read “Final Table”?

Gareth: This way they can understand the intricacies of final table strategy and be prepared for regular and ongoing improvements outside the table. You’ll learn the most important strategies and learning principles for this. PKL: I think you are a good teacher and have a clear understanding of your concepts. Do you like teaching? what do you like the most? Gareth: I am a qualified music teacher and I absolutely love teaching. I like to break things down and make them easier to understand, and I practice this every day in training.

Books: Review and interview with Final Table autho...

Poker After Dark: The Gold Game, Episode 9

Poker After Dark: The Gold Game, Episode 9

GGpoker is attracting attention with its latest audiovisual product, PAD: The Gold Game. This is a competition of reality show characters in which 16 players of various international status are put through various poker-based tests.

These tests allow them to increase their bets to increase the count, and in the final phase these coins (there are 20 at the beginning) will be converted into chips and added to their stacks. You will participate in these tests, which are also elimination tests, until there is only one Winner left, who will receive a prize of $456,000.

In the fifth episode we learned about the content and rules of the second game, which was a strange HU form. This time, the four members of the Spades team who performed best in the first game will serve as captains, and each will select two partners to form four teams again to compete.

Each team competes against each other and elects two representatives, who serves as the king of the table. The winner gets 30 gold coins and remains in the game, and this cycle continues until the team runs out of players.

The requirement for team play, along with the need to increase the individual gold count to become the big blind in the final game, managed to trigger the first serious brawl between the participants.

In today’s show we find out which team will win the HU Relays. But who will be eliminated remains to be seen, and as the trio strives to avoid elimination, some members’ personal interests and lack of trust may undermine the team’s internal cohesion at the most inopportune moments.

Poker After Dark: The Gold Game, Episode 9

At the PGT PLO final table, Guerra and Barbero each won three hands.

At the PGT PLO final table, Guerra and Barbero eac...

Spanish ranking champion Nacho continued his winning streak after three consecutive victories, bringing a successful conclusion to the Poker GO series.

The Poker Go Pot-Limit Omaha Festival studio event at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas has concluded. Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo’s outstanding performance has been officially recognized with three wins in the PGT PLO series. Nacho Barbero also performed well, finishing third for the season.

The eighth event, the $25,000 PLO Championship, was held on the day of Last On. The Spaniard received $518,750 in prize money, and the Argentinian finished in sixth place, earning for $124,500. Although Nacho won Event 3, he ended up finishing third in the championship, behind Jim Collopy and eventual winner Guerra Cabrerizo.

In the big showdown, it’s Nacho Barbero.

Going into the final table, Barbero slowed down as he saw Krasimir Yankov raise to 75,000 on the cutoff and then to 275,000 on the button. ; Yankov went all-in and Nacho called.

Barbero: KK54 Yankov: AAJ7

Europe holds top pair and is on the river The hand made a flush with J32105 and won the pot. Barbero’s total winnings of $380,900 during the festival moved him into 12th place in the PGT rankings, now led by the unlikely Spaniard.

Guerra’s failure

The winner of the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha tournament beat out 83 entries. After winning Games 5 and 7, the Spanish player has now won three matches in four days. Guerra Cabrerizo won the series with 774 points, more than twice as many as the runner-up. For his efforts, he received a plaque and a $25,000 award. Guerra Cabrerizo won all three awards in the series, earning a total of $1,067,150 from those awards, bonuses and championship bonuses.

The prize money for the 8th competition is US$2,075,000. Of the 16 players returning for the final day, only 12 managed to cash in, including Johann Ibanez in eighth ($83,000) and João Simao in 11th ($62,250).

First place, $518,750; Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo

Second place Ren Lin, $352,750

Third place : Krasimir Yankov, $269,750

Fourth place Chris Lee, $207,500

Jim Collopy, fifth place, $166,000.

Sixth Nacho Barbero, $124,500

$103,750 #7 Josh Arieh

Johann Ibanez, eighth, $83,000

Maxx Coleman, 9th, $83,000

10th: Jeremy Ausmus, $62,250

11th: João Simao 62, $50

10th Second place: George Wolff, $41,500

At the PGT PLO final table, Guerra and Barbero eac...

EPT Barcelona: Felipe Boianovsky wins NLH 6-Man Event for €3,150

Felipe Boianovsky wins the €3,150 NL Hold'em 6 Han...

The Brazilian team had a historic performance at this EPT Barcelona. There was a very strong team from the start and the green and yellow flags played a role in many important decisions of the series. To end this unforgettable campaign, one of the country’s stars won another title: Felipe Boianovsky.

“lipe piv” performed well at the end of the series and joined the EPT champions in 2023. The man, long regarded as one of Brazil’s most skilled stars, became the winner of the €3,150 NL Hold’em 6-Hand event, bringing him a huge bonus to the tournament and the second of his career. A silver sword.

Felipe Boianovsky won his second EPT title after defeating 105 players. The pro put his rivals behind him to win the event, his second on the EPT, and leave the event in style with a generous €79,800 in his account.

Lipe Piv’s first victory in the prestigious European series took place in 2019, coincidentally at the same venue in Barcelona. This year, the Brazilian hit a €2,200 deep stack and won €125,980. It’s also important to remember that Felipe was experiencing a magical moment. This year, he won the SCOOP Main Event top prize and took home a whopping $1,036,199.

Another Brazilian also took part in the €3,150 NL Hold’em 6-Handed final table. Ramon Kropmanns, the first Brazilian to cash in over €90,000 in the inaugural Mystery Bounty event at EPT Barcelona, ​​shone again, finishing third. The Midas player took home a bronze medal and a further €36,800.

Felipe Boianovsky wins the €3,150 NL Hold'em 6 Han...

“jcastro18” from Costa Rica and “renova14” from Argentina won.

888Poker's champions are

Players from Costa Rica and Argentina stood out this weekend on 888poker, with “jcastro18” and “renova14” winning the Mystery Bounty event respectively.

Costa Ricans beat a total of 565 entrants to win value The $4,500 Mystery Bounty 5.50 Tournament Prize Jackpot is $493 ($389 Bonus + $104 Bonus). The Brazilian team “CarvalhoVi” finished second and received a prize of $372.

The second weekend winner from Latin America is ” renova14 “, from Argentina. He won the $1,500 Late Mystery Bounty 8.80 competition after beating out 148 other entrants. As a result of this outstanding performance, he won an impressive $432, twice as much as the German “davoide77”.

Also worth noting were the “three” Argentinians, “YingYangz” (6th), “Trabuca” (8th) and “Cholyespo1” (9th) in another of the weekend’s Reached the final table in a mystery bounty event.

I would like to congratulate all my Latin American brothers on their amazing achievements Incredibly successful.

Please remember that the Latin American League is a work in progress; new features and improvements will be added every week to keep up with the growing activity on the 888Poker LATAM Facebook page.

888Poker's champions are

GGPokers integrates with PokerCraft’s advanced analytics

GGPokers integrates with PokerCraft’s advanced ana...

Learning how to use all of GGPoker’s free features can make players’ lives easier. Smart HUD provides real-time information for use at the table. When it comes time to consider your playing style, PokerCraft’s detailed analysis tools come in handy.

Pass PokerCraft can be quickly accessed by selecting the corresponding tab in the lower right corner of the system. There, you will be redirected to a page where you can view details about your past performances, competitions, and more. The list in the right sidebar contains 15 informative pieces. Find out what they thought of your performance:


This is your GGPoker account timeline where you can view a record of your games and other activities. You can use the Filter tab to limit app history to a specific time period.

Tournaments, Fish Buffets, Missions, Promotions, News, Deals, Jackpots, Highlights, GGCare and GGCeers are just some of the things you can look back on in the timeline. To customize the timeline, click the checkboxes next to the items you want to display.

Player names and comments

You can search for a specific player in this section and write any necessary notes. This type of player also allows you to adjust note colors for improved playability.

In this menu option, there are three separate search fields, for last name, job title, and country/region respectively.

Profile Pledge

In Poker Terminology In general, this part is called “Betting Information”. Here you outline your investment strategy for potential backers. Your deployment profile is customizable to some extent. So feel free to enter a short bio and upload some photos of yourself.

Total bonus, ITM%, average buy-in, betting history , GGPoker win total, etc. cannot be changed.

Play VIP games

On this page your account’s gaming history will be displayed in the GGPoker VIP section, including information on all recent and ongoing sessions. Viewing hands, opponents and other information will be a breeze.

“Rotation and Gain”

Here you can store all your spins and spins. Gold profile, including your game statistics, highest payouts, highest spin multipliers and overall game performance averages (3max and 6max). Among other things, this section displays your overall rating and ranking. For more information, visit PokerCraft.

Play or lose

Here you can find detailed analysis of all-in or fold games, including all-in percentage and relative advantage, the history of your strong and weak hands, and even Your “luck rate”. Each of your sessions is also recorded so you can see how much you deposit and how much you earn.

Emergency & Money

You can also instantly see the best and worst table positions for your Happiness Rate. Below you’ll see a list of sessions from which you can select one to view in PokerCraft or download to your device. In the section where you can choose how to view your session, you can view details such as game mode, duration, date, time, wins and losses, and more.

You can view your game logs, EV charts, your cards and review the situation to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in detail.

Fight to the death

In this section, we will first examine elements such as win total, games played, and knockout rounds. The first, second and final rounds are about to begin. You can expect to receive data in the form of numbers and statistical summaries for various battle royale games. Here you will find a list of fields with details such as time, mode, buy-in, knockout, length, finishing order and prizes.

Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Short Deck

The content contained in these three PokerCraft cash game guides is the same as Rush & Cash, both in terms of search functionality and session details.

My Competition

Under “My Tournaments” you can find details of every tournament you have participated in, as well as your GGPoker win total, highest win rate, and Participation rates, bonus areas, and more.

On my bet

PokerCraft’s My Bets page lists every bet you’ve ever purchased. It does not show where you have sold stocks in the past. Only information in which you have a financial interest is linked in this tab.

PokerCraft allows you to view the return on your investment by launching the application on your computer or mobile device and clicking “Me ‘s Bet’ button to track top returns, bonuses, ROI and more.

Questions about Fedor’s story

Past questions to Fedor Holz are archived here.There isn’t enough space to go into detail about how this feature of the program works, but in short, you can view your query history on this PokerCraft page.

If you want to know about this product called “Ask Fedor” The amazing application works and gives you access to GGPoker.

Completed tournaments

If you would like to check your standings for a tournament you have participated in, whether it is a past one or one in 2020, you can do so at WSOP Online Do this on the website.

On PokerCraft you can view each event in the results section The final ranking and number of chips. look. In this section you can view the current status of all ongoing contests on the service.

GGPokers integrates with PokerCraft’s advanced ana...

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