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Shaun Deeb eager to be PLO high roller at Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open

Shaun Deeb eager to be PLO high roller at Seminole...

In 2023, ace Shaun Deeb will claim a title in every two FT races. He won his first PL Omaha event since 2021 at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. The American added $239,100 to his bankroll by eliminating 21 opponents in the $25,500 High Roller event.

The victory helped Deeb break into the top 15 in the poker player rankings. Overall, the 37-year-old scored 4,286 points, compared with 8,238 for leader Weng Bing. Dib also earned $1.3 million this season.

Dibb is not hard to beat in any sport. Earlier this season, he bumped into the $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. victory cry. In PGT Mixed Matches. Shortly thereafter, The New Yorker won the WSOP Circuit Main Event and the Lodge Championship Series side event.

At the WSOP, Deeb fought for the title throughout the tournament. He finished second on the leaderboard with 24 ITMs, 4 FTs and a title.

Check out the final results of the SHRPO $25,500 High Roller:

1. Sean Dibb $239,100

2. Roger Tescal $141,300

3. Alex Fox $97,800

4. Ren Lin US$65,200

Shaun Deeb eager to be PLO high roller at Seminole...

Canadian Playground Poker Club’s Bad Beat Jackpot Breaks Another Record: $1,937,645!

Canadian Playground Poker Club's Bad Beat Jackpot...

Playground Poker Club is Canada’s most famous gambling establishment and is well-known in the poker world for a number of reasons.

It is located on the Kahnawake Indian Reservation, separated from the Montreal metropolitan area by the St. Lawrence River. The region has influenced a whole generation of online gamblers, thanks to bodies like the Gaming Commission that certify Full Tilt Poker operations.

His room has been visited by all over the world. Hosts several poker tour events as well as other major tournaments such as partypoker’s Live MILLIONS.

But there is another feature that is reported by industry media almost every year. Some cash section tables had a bad beat jackpot, amassed more money than anyone in the world, and when it jumped up, some players were very lucky, surprising readers all over the world. Jackpots have been a promotional tool for casinos and casinos for decades. They can be applied to a variety of games such as bingo, slot machines, lotteries, and more. Especially in the world of poker, they used to be particularly attractive because awards could be tied to specific situations that constituted the biggest bad beat imaginable, rather than pure coincidence.

The Bad Playground Poker Club’s Beat Jackpot has one of the toughest requirements in the industry ever and will continue to be. Players who decide to play any game with a jackpot lose $2 from each pot, causing the pot to grow rapidly. This produces incredible sums that cannot be found in any other casino in the world.

40% of the prize money goes to the player who lost the hand, 20% goes to the player who won the hand, 20% goes to the other players at the table Player Share The remaining 20% ​​will be split among all cash players sitting at the other Bad Beat Jackpot tables in the poker room.

Under these conditions, Playground Poker Club’s Bad Beat Jackpot was achieved for CAD$2,590,185

Canadian Playground Poker Club's Bad Beat Jackpot...

WSOP: Final sprint awards new bracelets

Alexandre Reard Beats Stephen Chidwick For WSOP Br...

The final week of the WSOP featured several major tournaments and some pretty big prizes in the second half of the series. Four new champions have been crowned, along with some great stories, including the first tournament winner or million-dollar victory over a gaming legend. Take a look at the following:

Event #88: $1,500 The Closer – No Limit Hold’em

Pierre Shum

The Closer is a tournament with a Sensational story. Pierre Shum became the overall winner of the competition and won his first bracelet. But that’s not all. This is exactly the first game in Pierre Shum’s life. That’s right, in his first poker tournament, Pierre Shum won a bracelet in the world’s greatest poker series.

Shum prevailed over a field of 3,531 entrants, cementing his triumphant debut and immortalizing the memorable moment of his championship win. good luck. The American player won $606,811 and spoke about how he achieved this unexpected success:

“I’ve been playing poker for a long time, but mainly with friends. I just started this year Plays cash games. I started playing this mostly because my friends were playing. I did make a lot of friends at the tables. The place I play is very social so it’s fun. I’m here today to win .I didn’t think about money at all,” concluded the champion.

Event #89 $1,000 FLIP & GO No-Limit Hold’em from GG Poker

Dong Meng

Since GGPoker Since its introduction, Flip & ; GO has also made its mark at the WSOP, and it was in this event that Dong Meng won his first victory in the world’s largest poker series. Using a different (and to many, controversial) format, the casual player defeated 1,024 entrants and pocketed $160,490.

“I feel surreal. I’m very excited.” I’m very grateful for the opportunity, and I know a lot of people who can come here, so I feel very lucky. I love the unity that poker brings to people from all walks of life and it is my dream to compete against the best and discuss it with my friends. ” said the champion.

Event #90 $10,000 6-Hand No-Limit Hold’em Tournament

Alexandre Reard and his fans

The previous The first WSOP million was awarded in Event #90. Frenchman Alexandre Reard accomplished the feat and it was a victory not to be missed. In addition to the $1 million prize and his second bracelet, Reed can also say he beat a gaming legend in a heads-up match.

Alexandre Reard won a $10,000 prize money tournament in 6-player no-limit hold’em with 550 players. The two-time WSOP champion had to beat Stephen Chidwick (and Phil Hellmuth in the final event) heads-up for the title, a sweet story that netted him a cool $1,057,663.

Reard said he “loved the atmosphere” of the tournament, with the Main Event final table just next door. By winning the title, he became the first Frenchman to win two bracelets in No-Limit Hold’em, drawing crowds of fans to cheer him on from the start. His wife, who also participated in the series, couldn’t hold back tears when she saw her husband win again.

Event #92 $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Freezeout

Kang Hyun Lee

Another Canadian player who did well late in the WSOP was Kang Hyun Lee. The player defended his title towards the end of the series and became the overall winner of the US$ 1K Freezeout tournament, which featured Brazilians Ricardo Nakamura and Eider Cruz and fellow Canadian Vanessa Kade in the tiebreaker.

Kang Hyun Lee won his first bracelet and US$236,741 out of 1,710 entrants. The combination got him really excited: “It’s incredible! I’ve been a poker lover my whole life and it feels surreal to finally win the most coveted prize money in the game,” said the champion.

Alexandre Reard Beats Stephen Chidwick For WSOP Br...

PokerListings Online Festival is realizing its 3ra series on 888poker

PokerListings Online Festival to Host Third Series...

PokerListings Online Festival Series is hosted by 888poker in the Mesas area from July 16th to August 1st. Be sure to keep an eye on Fecha for this poker series in your calendar, you’re not guaranteed a total prize pool of $888,000!

The promotion will begin on July 16th with a variety of events including the following events:

  • #01 Event Mini High Roller – $215 – 17:00 GMT – $10,000 GTD
  • #02 Race Event – ​​$109 – 18:00 GMT – $100,000 GTD
  • #03 Mini Apertura Event- $22 – 18:00 GMT – $20,000 GTD
  • #04 PLO Apertura Event- $55 – 18:30 GMT – GTD$4,000
  • #05 Evento de apertura High Roller – $525 – 18: 30 GMT – GTD$25,000

The most spoiled series is the $200,000 GTD Main Event starting at $250 and Day 1 running from July 26th to 31st.

Day 2 ends on July 31st at 20:00 GMT and the final Mesa Final will be live-streamed on vivo on August 1st.

The Mystery Bounty event at the end of the online festival series will be held prior to the launch of the Mystery Bounty, with multiple $150,000 GTD prizes starting at $160 and starting mid Held.

The final event Main Event was broadcast directly from our Twitch channel by 888pokerTV and retweeted on June 8th, featuring the following two parallel events:

  • 17/7 – The Festival Online – Mesa Final del evento de apertura
  • 25/7 – The Festival Online – Mystery Bounty Event Final $150,000 GTD
  • 1/8 – The Online Festival – Final Daily Final $200,000 Main Event

Calendar continues!


Online Calendar of Festivals

See full program to continue:







17:00The Festival Online – #01

Mini High Roller Opening Event

$215 $10,000 – 18:00 The Festival Online – #02

Opening Event

$109 $100,000 – 18:00 Online Festival – #03

Mini Opening Event

$22 $20,000 – 18:30 Online Festival – #04

PLO Opening Event

55 $4,000 – 18:30 Online Festival – #05

High Roller Opening Event

$525 $25,000 Monday


4:30pm Online Festival – #06 P

KO 6-Max Mini

22 $7,000 – 17:00 Online Festival – #07

PKO 6-Max High Roller $215 $10,000 – 18:00 Online Festival – #08

Mystery Bounty 6-Max

22 $10,000 $ – 18:30 Online Festival – #09

PKO 6-Max

$109 $8,000 Tuesday


15:00 Online Festival – #10

Super KO Mini

$33 $5,000 -17:00 Online Festival – #11

Super KO High Roller

$320 $10,000 – 18:00 Online Festival- #12

Mystery Bounty

$22 $10,000 – 18:30 Online Festival- #13

Super KO

$109 $8,000 Wednesday


p>16:30 Online Festival – #14

PKO Mini

p>$22$6,000 – 17:00$ Online Festival – #15 Online Festival – #17

Mystery Bounty High Roller

320 $12,000 – 17:30The Festival Online – #18

Mystery Bounty

p>55 $12,000 – 18:00The Festival Online – #19

Mystery Bounty

$22 $10,000 – 18:30 The Festival Online Festival Online – #20

Mystery Bounty Day 1

$160 –


$150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1

$160 – Friday



00$150,000 Online Festival – # 31

Mystery Bounty Day 1


:00 Online Festival – #21

Mystery Bounty



00$150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1

00 $150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1


–18:30 Online Festival – #27

High Roller PKO

$52,525,000 – 18:30 Online Festival – #28

Mystery Bounty



00 $150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1

$160 –


$30 $150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1 Super

$160 – Monday


14:00 $150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1



$150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1strong>

$160 –


00 $150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1 Turbo


– 17:00 Online Festival – #29

Mini High Roller

$215 $10,000 – 18:00 Online Festival – #30

Mystery Bounty

22 $10,000 $ – 18:00 $150,000 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 1 Super

160 USD –


00 Online Festival – #31

Mystery Bounty Day 2

– Tuesday $150,000


17:00 Online Festival – #32

High Roller

$320 $12,000 – 18:00 Online Festival – #33

Mystery Bounty

22 $10,000 – 18:30 Festival Online – #34

PLO 6-Max

55 $2,000 – 19:00 The Festival Online – #31

Mystery Bounty Final Table Stream

– – Wednesday


16:30The Festival Online – #35

Super KO Mini

$22$6,000 –17:00The Festival Online – # 36

Texas Super KO

109 $8,000 –18:00 The Festival Online – #37

Mystery Bounty

22 $10,000

– 19:

00 Online Music Festival – 51st

Main Event Day 1

$250 – Thursday


16: 30The Festival Online – #38

PKO 6-Max Mini

22 $6,000$ -17:00 The Festival Online – # 39

PKO 6-Max High Roller

320$12,000$ -18:00 The Festival Online – # 40

Mystery Bounty 6-Max



00The Festival Online – #51

Main Event Day 1


–18:30The Festival Online – # 41

PKO 6-Max

109 $8,000$


00The Festival Online – #51

Main Event Day 1

$250 – Friday

28.07 17:00 Online Festival –

Large Saturday (10 Seats) to Main Station

22 $2,500


00 Online Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1

$250 –

– 18:00 ONLINE FESTIVAL – #42

Mystery Bounty

22 $10,000$

– 20:

00The Festival Online – #51

Main Event Day 1

$250 – Saturday



00 Online Music Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1

250 $–


00 Online Music Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1


– 5:00pm The Festival Online –

Mega Sat (20 seats) to main event

22 $5,000 – 6:00pm The Festival Online – #43

Mystery Bounty p> $22 $10,000–6:00pm Online Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1

250 $-


00 Online Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1

$250 – Sunday



00 Online Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1

$250 –


00 Online Music Festival – #51

Day 1 of Main Event

250 $ –

–5:00 p.m.The Festival Online – #44

Mini High Roller

215$10,000$ –5:00 p.m.The Festival Online –

Mega Sa (25 Seats​​) to Main

$22$6,250 – 18:00The Festival Online – #45

Micro Mystery Bounty Finale

$5.50$5,000 –18:00The Festival Online – #46

Mystery Bounty Finale



00 Online Music Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1

$250 –

– 18:00The Festival Online – #47

Mini Mystery Bounty Finale

$22$18,000 –18:30The Festival Online – #48

Mystery Bounty High Roller Finale



00 Online Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1


–21 :

30The Festival Online – #51

Main Event Day 1 Supers

$250 – Monday



00 Online Festival – #51

Main Event Day 1

250 $–

– 16:

00 Online Music Festival – #51

PokerListings Online Festival to Host Third Series...

‘dicaspok19’ from Venezuela wins third date

'dicaspok19' from Venezuela wins third date

dicaspok19 from Venezuela is the protagonist of the Latin American Union’s third appointment at 888Poker He defeated Mexico’s “Thejordannn” 🇲🇽 heads-up for $52. Argentinian “suspug” 🇦 came in third 🇷, he also played very well.

The player from Venezuela defeated 119 players and 20 rebuy players, and finally won the first place. Now the monthly ranking is in full swing Work in progress. Monthly award nominees determine how to adjust ➡ Table

These are added top 50 are ranking points 📊⤵️

This is our fourth and last date 🤓⬇️ All in Latin America22:00 – 21:00 – 20:00 – 19:00



3️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE 4 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Buyback: 1 | June 25 Sunday

You can find the login password and all information on 888Poker LATAM’s ➡ Facebook


📌This time 👉 ranks the top 20 every month, will Get the following prizes:

🏆 1st place – $109 into your 888Poker account. + Tournament winner interviews and descriptions on 💰 2nd and 3rd – $22 entry on your 888Poker account 💰 4th – 5th and 6th – $16.50 entry on your 888Poker account Fees 💰 7th to 10th – $8.80 entry fee on your 888Poker account 💰 11th to 20th – $3.30 available on your 888Poker account 💰 11th to 20th – Available on your 888Poker account Bet $3.30 💰 11th to 20th – $3.30 in your 888Poker account.

'dicaspok19' from Venezuela wins third date

PGAT returns to Panama with $1m guarantee

PGAT returns to Panama with $1m guarantee

Good things always come back, which is why following the successful Poker Adventure Tour (PGAT) in Panama earlier this year, they have come to Here it is. We are preparing and proposing to launch again in a few weeks another attractive plan with an Irresistible Guarantee.

The Sortis Hotel Spa & hotel is back. Casino is hosting 9 Days of Poker over 27th with guaranteed prize pools of up to $1 million July and August 6th /strong> Entries are between $500 and $2,500.

As always, all eyes will be on the Main Event, which will feature six departure flights $1,500 buy-in (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F Turbo), re-entry allowed, 40 min and 20 min blinds, late registration 10 level, starting with $35,000 in chips, US$600,000 GTD.

On the other hand, another bond of $400,000 will be allocated to other events such as Opener, Bounty progression. strong>, High Rollers, Deep Stacks, Mystery Bounties and Second Chances. Additionally, Live Satellites and Online Satellites will be held for players on a more conservative budget.

As if that wasn’t enough, the organizers have also prepared an exclusive satellite tournament start and we are running a promotion for players who decide to play the High Roller.

This year proved to be solid for the Poker Adventure Tour (PGAT) led by Justin Crespo and Jhon Barrier. Notably, having kicked off last February, the adventure has since moved to the Zortea Premium Casino in Medellin and will continue after the event this July Set foot in the land of the Aztecs Stop in Mexico.

All information about PGAT Panama can be found on the official website.

PGAT returns to Panama with $1m guarantee

“Yoshiaki97” from Peru won the championship, and “CARRAMROD” from Ecuador won the seventh place.

When the owners were all said and done at 888Poker, the series scored 11,327 medical entries and took home $347,480 in prizes. For Latin America, the standout was the Big Shot 525 winner of “Yoshiaki97” (Peru) for $9.6 78.75. And “CARRAMROD” from Ecuador came seventh in the Big Shot 320 for $682.12.

  • The players from Brazil and Ukraine performed better, each winning four championships.
  • Lithuanian players won two championships.
  • Contestants from Malta, Canada, Ireland and Peru won the individual championships.

Here are some headlines from summer bidding week.


Wins $100K Mystery Main Event

This collection was launched on June 25 Sunday, Sunday culminates with a guaranteed $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event.

Juanola46 Takes Best Win at PokerStars Spain Tuesday, Wins Bounty Night

Tuesday was a quiet day at PokerStars. The focus is on the Daily Routine Tournament.

Red Spade Room has organized 6 tournaments with prize money in the 5 figures where €106,000 worth of prizes were handed out. One of the MTTs ended with a Spain victory.

Juanola46” won a 10€ Bounty Night and a Call Home prize of 1,977.65€. The tournament had 2,273 entries and a prize pool of €20,457.

With this win, La Roja has a total of 24 victories yesterday at the MTT. These are Tuesday’s Spanish winners:

Spanish won 10 doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list), in HU The balance is balanced for our team: 14 beat14 2nd Name.

These are the results Tuesday top games:

Today we are back in the room for our regular game schedule. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

Leon Sturm Wins WSOP Event #23: $50,000 High Roller

Leon Sturm Wins WSOP Bracelet After Winning Mega M...

We recently reported on the new winner of the popular $10,300 Mega Millions online tournament at Regularly played in the poker room PokerOK. The prize pool for the last event was $6,000,000.

As a result, 22-year-old German poker player Leon Sturm became an instant millionaire with $1,518,400 in Mega Millions Championship status.

However, the young and promising player has increasingly been compared to Fedor Holz. The analogy makes sense, as Leom Sturm won his first World Series of Poker bracelet just days after winning a major online tournament.

WSOP Event #23 Winner: $50,000 High Roller

At the 2023 WSOP, Leon Sturm competes in the $50,000 High Roller bracelet match. The event attracted 124 entrants with a total prize pool of $5,921,000.

The German poker player beat the entire high rollers field to claim $1,546,020 in prize money to become the champion. Bracelet Championship. This is how Leon Sturm made over $3,000,000 in a week.

Deutsche Poker beats US poker player Bill Klein heads-up for $955,510 Add seats. On the final hand of the tournament, Leon called with a Queen’s valet (Q♣-J♦) and Bill called with a large 8-5 (8♥-5♦). The flop came J♠-8♣-3♠. Bill Klein decided to check-call and the turn came the 6. Then, Klein moved all-in, Sturm bet, and the 2♥ on the river made the German the tournament winner.

“It’s such a great feeling. The bracelet is.” Something special. I think it’s more than just a trophy. I used to think trophies and bracelets meant nothing to me. However, now I’m sure this bracelet is special and therefore pretty cool. It’s really competitive,” Leon said in a brief interview after his win.

WSOP Event #23: $50,000 High Roller Final Table with Several Other Very Popular Poker player. Famous American chess player Alex Fox finished fourth with $512,820 in prize money. Sixth place went to the world’s top offline tournament player Justin Bonomo, who won $295,160.

Leon Sturm Wins WSOP Bracelet After Winning Mega M...

Isaac Hexton’s highly anticipated bracelet and other exciting WSOP 2023 events

Isaac Hexton's highly anticipated bracelet and oth...

The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas is in full swing. With a total of 95 championship bracelets set to take place at Paris and the Horseshoe this summer, the WSOP is already breaking records. For an overview of the series’ highlights, see our latest article.

Mystery Millions $1,000,000

In less than two weeks, the WSOP 2023 has broken attendance records for several tournaments. Only two events saw a decrease in attendance from last year, while the others all saw significant increases in attendance. Needless to say, even the most popular $1,500 tournament – Razz – attracted 566 entrants, which is pretty good.

By far the most important event, but a staggering number, is of course the Mystery Millions with Random Bounty, where 18,118 participants compete for the $1,000 prize. Last year, when the event was held for the first time, there were 14,112 entrants, with professional player Matt Glantz taking home the top prize of $1,000,000. This time luck favored two lesser-known contestants: Shant Marashlyan accepted the award with no emotion, but Patrick Liang put in a great performance, much to the delight of the organizers.

How to Win $1,000,000 Instantly! Well done Patrick Leung

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) June 5, 2023

However, Liang didn’t stop there and gave away $1,000 to each of his tablemates. The winner of the tournament, Tyler Brown also happened to receive $1,000,000.

Now everyone is waiting for a new Main Event record, which is almost here. Last year’s event was just 110 shy of the previous record set in 2006 (2,772 registrations).

Chad Evesledge Wins Two Dealer’s Choice Events

From the start of the series, American poker pro Chad Evesledge is leading the way for Dealer’s Choice Player of the Year. He won two events at the WSOP Dealer’s Choice, in which players choose which of two dozen types of poker to play each round.

The day after winning the $1,500 event, he beat a field of 456 entrants at Evesledge and pocketed $131,879 to enter the more representative $10,000 Dealer’s Choice Championship (130 entrants). He ended up winning another bracelet and $311,428.

For However, for those who follow live poker tournaments closely, Evesledge’s double was no surprise. Chad is one of the strongest MTT players in recent years, winning a $25,000 WSOP bracelet in the High Roller event last year, as well as two WPT titles.

Evesleij is rated as the world’s top player badass, but he himself admits that his biggest advantage over his opponents is good old-fashioned Texas Hold’em: “It’s worth just getting into these guys.”

Isaac Hexton won his first bracelet (+$1,698,215).

The highlight, however, was Isaac Hexton winning the $25,000 NLH High Roller Championship. A multiple WSOP final table player, Isaac has been on the list of “best braceletless poker players” for years, and now he’s finally dropped from that prestigious but annoying list.

301 entrants took part – the busiest high roller event in WSOP history. Isaac proved to be the chip stacker at the tough final table, with his opponents including big names like Brian Rust, Darren Elias and Joao Vieira. He defeated Britain’s Ryan O’Donnell heads-up for $1,698,215.

When you consider that Isaac With more than $7,600,000 in high rollers year-to-date, his wins are significant, including six victories in the PCA, Triton and EPT series.

Ukrainian Heads-Up in Limit Hold’em

Our players can’t boast high scores yet, but they already have their first bracelets: :UA Vadim Shlyoz has a $1,500 limit Texas hold ’em tournament wins. A total of 527 people registered for the event, including Eric Lindgen, Nick Schulman, Patrick Leonard and world champion Joe McKeehan McKeehan) and many other famous players. However, none of them made the final table save for David “ODB” Baker, a cheeplist Vadim who defeated compatriot Rostislav Sabishchenko heads-up. The winner is awarded $146,835.

Vadim Shleuz has been playing After playing poker for more than 20 years, this is his first bracelet. He started his career in limit hold’em, which is symbolic. He was cheered in the hall by his wife Yulia “Lisyonok” Lisichkina, a MountainTeam member known to many.

We should also note: BY’s exit Dmitry Urbanovich made it to the final table of the $1,500 Razz Tournament (+$ 14,805 for 8th place), and entered :LV Alexey Ponyakov‘s top 10 was equally high – Isaac Hexton won the Mention Roller Championship (+96,986 $).

Isaac Hexton's highly anticipated bracelet and oth...

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