“BlockerFace” takes home R$128,000 after winning the HighS tournament at Suprema.

Winners at Suprema tend to have extremely healthy financial balances. BlockerFace won the R$3500 HighS tournament and the fantasy big hit yesterday. He won $128,493 for the exciting finish.

The winner of the R$250 Fight was “threemonths.” He earned $38,737 by placing first out of 1,200 participants.

These are the rest of the victorious individuals:

R$110 for the 40K WarmUp GTD (517 entries)

Winner: “Caet,” with R$6,368

R$80 40K GUARANTEED WINNER (705 entries)

ThomasShel13, with a prize of R$6,325

Fifteen Cents + Fifty Thousand Guaranteed To Win (4,475 entries)

Prize of R$7,016 goes to the lucky winner, “JordanKK.”

The R$75 Mysterious 100K GTC (1,789 entries)

The winning ticket was a whopping R$12,207, and the name drawn was “Pepe Moreno.”

Costing $750, the OmaX 75,000 Guaranteed To Win (119 entries)

Randy Flagg takes home R$15,486 as the winning entry.

100K Guaranteed To Win (R$550) (278 entries)

“Shinigami” takes home R$20,917, the grand prize.

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