Canadian Playground Poker Club’s Bad Beat Jackpot Breaks Another Record: $1,937,645!

Canadian Playground Poker Club's Bad Beat Jackpot...

Playground Poker Club is Canada’s most famous gambling establishment and is well-known in the poker world for a number of reasons.

It is located on the Kahnawake Indian Reservation, separated from the Montreal metropolitan area by the St. Lawrence River. The region has influenced a whole generation of online gamblers, thanks to bodies like the Gaming Commission that certify Full Tilt Poker operations.

His room has been visited by all over the world. Hosts several poker tour events as well as other major tournaments such as partypoker’s Live MILLIONS.

But there is another feature that is reported by industry media almost every year. Some cash section tables had a bad beat jackpot, amassed more money than anyone in the world, and when it jumped up, some players were very lucky, surprising readers all over the world. Jackpots have been a promotional tool for casinos and casinos for decades. They can be applied to a variety of games such as bingo, slot machines, lotteries, and more. Especially in the world of poker, they used to be particularly attractive because awards could be tied to specific situations that constituted the biggest bad beat imaginable, rather than pure coincidence.

The Bad Playground Poker Club’s Beat Jackpot has one of the toughest requirements in the industry ever and will continue to be. Players who decide to play any game with a jackpot lose $2 from each pot, causing the pot to grow rapidly. This produces incredible sums that cannot be found in any other casino in the world.

40% of the prize money goes to the player who lost the hand, 20% goes to the player who won the hand, 20% goes to the other players at the table Player Share The remaining 20% ​​will be split among all cash players sitting at the other Bad Beat Jackpot tables in the poker room.

Under these conditions, Playground Poker Club’s Bad Beat Jackpot was achieved for CAD$2,590,185

Canadian Playground Poker Club's Bad Beat Jackpot...

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