Day 3 of the BSOP SP Main Event has a new CL, and his name is Leonardo Pires.

There are now 53 players still in the BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event, making for a highly interesting third day of play. The event was called after many long hours with all players in ITM and Leonardo Pires, “Léo Burguês,” in the lead.

The gamer from Belo Horizonte came out on top with the most chips, 1,820,000. Only Victor Andres Vega Pizarro of Chile, who won 1,745,000 chips, is closer to Leonardo Pires. Brenno Vicente, a second miner in the top 3, with 1,465,000 chips.

As Day 4 of the competition approaches, there are still some extremely notable names among the qualifiers. The top earners are Paulo Gini (1,114,000), Dodô Oliveira (1,115,000), Vini Pinheiro (1,035,000), Geraldo Cesar (955,00), André Berlanda (750,000), Renan Meneguetti (735,00), Bernardo Peters (730,000), Marco Aurélio “Salsicha” (545,000), and Rafael Moraes (515,00).

On Monday, March 3, play will resume at 2 PM local time with 10,000/20,000 blinds and a 1,000 large blind ante. The R$9,770 minimum prize pool has already been ensured by the completion of all qualifying rounds. The ultimate prize winner will get R$594,000.

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