During Super Million$ Week, Pedro Cavalieri made it to the GGMasters and won $101,000.

It didn’t take long for Brazil to get its first Super Million$ Week winner. Pedro Cavalieri won $101,083 in the $1,050 GGMasters special edition, beating out a field of 943 competitors.

Pedro was in front for the vast most of the FT. He opened from UTG with AA and 3-bet to 270,000 from little “benemario” in an 8-handed game. Benemario bet 299,000 on the flip of 7105. Pedro then placed a call to check out the nine. Then “benemario” slid his 2,748,387 chip stack to the middle of the table. Pedro bet another 588 of his 1,001,588 and watched as his opponent revealed Q8. Pedro quadrupled his money when a 7 on the river sealed his victory.

Pedro then doubled down with aces in the very next round. As Luiz Duarte shoved for 9 bbs, the 4Bet Team grinder called his three-bet. The player from Marilia fared poorly against KQ on a J10K87 board. By finishing in the bottom ten, he earned a total of $17,779.

Pedro maintained his advantage until the 4-handed, when he made a deal with his remaining opponents to end the match. Following that, a series of blind all-ins determined a winner, and Pedro emerged victorious.

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