EPT Barcelona: Felipe Boianovsky wins NLH 6-Man Event for €3,150

Felipe Boianovsky wins the €3,150 NL Hold'em 6 Han...

The Brazilian team had a historic performance at this EPT Barcelona. There was a very strong team from the start and the green and yellow flags played a role in many important decisions of the series. To end this unforgettable campaign, one of the country’s stars won another title: Felipe Boianovsky.

“lipe piv” performed well at the end of the series and joined the EPT champions in 2023. The man, long regarded as one of Brazil’s most skilled stars, became the winner of the €3,150 NL Hold’em 6-Hand event, bringing him a huge bonus to the tournament and the second of his career. A silver sword.

Felipe Boianovsky won his second EPT title after defeating 105 players. The pro put his rivals behind him to win the event, his second on the EPT, and leave the event in style with a generous €79,800 in his account.

Lipe Piv’s first victory in the prestigious European series took place in 2019, coincidentally at the same venue in Barcelona. This year, the Brazilian hit a €2,200 deep stack and won €125,980. It’s also important to remember that Felipe was experiencing a magical moment. This year, he won the SCOOP Main Event top prize and took home a whopping $1,036,199.

Another Brazilian also took part in the €3,150 NL Hold’em 6-Handed final table. Ramon Kropmanns, the first Brazilian to cash in over €90,000 in the inaugural Mystery Bounty event at EPT Barcelona, ​​shone again, finishing third. The Midas player took home a bronze medal and a further €36,800.

Felipe Boianovsky wins the €3,150 NL Hold'em 6 Han...

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  • Kadin.weimann

    The text highlights the strong performance of the Brazilian team at the EPT Barcelona, with Felipe Boianovsky winning his second EPT title and another Brazilian player, Ramon Kropmanns, finishing third. It also mentions Felipe’s previous victories and impressive winnings in other prestigious events.

  • This text highlights the impressive performance of the Brazilian team at the EPT Barcelona, particularly the success of Felipe Boianovsky in winning his second EPT title. It also mentions the strong showing of another Brazilian player, Ramon Kropmanns, who finished third in the same event. Overall, it showcases the talent and success of Brazilian poker players on the international stage.

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