Event 12 of Super Million$ Week was won by Pedro Garagnani with a full house.

The Brazilians had a very exciting start to Day 2 of Super Million$ Week. Tournament 12: $5,250 No-Limit Pedro Garagnani reached the championship game of Hold ’em. After finishing in seventh position, he was awarded $21,889 in prize money.

Pedro got the choice off to a great start. He overcame Ravid Garbi’s 99 with AK on a coin toss, moving up to second place from fourth.

We haven’t even reached CL yet. Mike Watson, a local of Paran√°, called off the small and called for a 3-bet push of 11 bbs after defending the large. The ball was kicked back to Watson, and he responded immediately with a QQ. Pedro had little chance against your AQ on the J2K35 board.

Watson was in the lead all by himself until he called the tournament off. He came out ahead by $97,288.

$525 NL in Event 11 Dante Goya just needed six moves to win the final of Hold’em Super Monday Bounty Hunters. He finished in eighth place after a triple all-in disaster caused by drawing a bad deck. The expert amassed a total of $8,432 to pad his savings:

“Notsimple” began with a raise to 220,000 in a game with 50,000/100,000 blinds and 15,000 antes. Dante, in response, pretended to go all-in for 2,200,000 before folding and leaving 29,508. “XCUSEM3,” the owner of 2,078,779, has reached out. Since they had more chips, the “Notsimple” team went all in. Dante then made a phone call and guessed the number 8. In contrast to “Notsimple,” which lacked AK, “XCUSEM3” displayed AK. “Notsimple” won the pot with a flush, beating out his two opponents with a hand of 573109.

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  • This text provides an update on Brazilian participants in poker tournaments, highlighting Pedro Garagnani and Dante Goya’s performances. It shares their accomplishments, prize money won, and significant moments from their games.

  • In this text, the author provides an overview of two Brazilian players’ performances in different poker tournaments. Pedro Garagnani had a successful start, reaching the championship game and earning a cash prize, while Dante Goya faced a disappointing outcome after a bad hand and finished in eighth place.

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