Event 12 of Super Million$ Week was won by Pedro Garagnani with a full house.

The Brazilians had a very exciting start to Day 2 of Super Million$ Week. Tournament 12: $5,250 No-Limit Pedro Garagnani reached the championship game of Hold ’em. After finishing in seventh position, he was awarded $21,889 in prize money.

Pedro got the choice off to a great start. He overcame Ravid Garbi’s 99 with AK on a coin toss, moving up to second place from fourth.

We haven’t even reached CL yet. Mike Watson, a local of Paran√°, called off the small and called for a 3-bet push of 11 bbs after defending the large. The ball was kicked back to Watson, and he responded immediately with a QQ. Pedro had little chance against your AQ on the J2K35 board.

Watson was in the lead all by himself until he called the tournament off. He came out ahead by $97,288.

$525 NL in Event 11 Dante Goya just needed six moves to win the final of Hold’em Super Monday Bounty Hunters. He finished in eighth place after a triple all-in disaster caused by drawing a bad deck. The expert amassed a total of $8,432 to pad his savings:

“Notsimple” began with a raise to 220,000 in a game with 50,000/100,000 blinds and 15,000 antes. Dante, in response, pretended to go all-in for 2,200,000 before folding and leaving 29,508. “XCUSEM3,” the owner of 2,078,779, has reached out. Since they had more chips, the “Notsimple” team went all in. Dante then made a phone call and guessed the number 8. In contrast to “Notsimple,” which lacked AK, “XCUSEM3” displayed AK. “Notsimple” won the pot with a flush, beating out his two opponents with a hand of 573109.

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