GGPokers integrates with PokerCraft’s advanced analytics

GGPokers integrates with PokerCraft’s advanced ana...

Learning how to use all of GGPoker’s free features can make players’ lives easier. Smart HUD provides real-time information for use at the table. When it comes time to consider your playing style, PokerCraft’s detailed analysis tools come in handy.

Pass PokerCraft can be quickly accessed by selecting the corresponding tab in the lower right corner of the system. There, you will be redirected to a page where you can view details about your past performances, competitions, and more. The list in the right sidebar contains 15 informative pieces. Find out what they thought of your performance:


This is your GGPoker account timeline where you can view a record of your games and other activities. You can use the Filter tab to limit app history to a specific time period.

Tournaments, Fish Buffets, Missions, Promotions, News, Deals, Jackpots, Highlights, GGCare and GGCeers are just some of the things you can look back on in the timeline. To customize the timeline, click the checkboxes next to the items you want to display.

Player names and comments

You can search for a specific player in this section and write any necessary notes. This type of player also allows you to adjust note colors for improved playability.

In this menu option, there are three separate search fields, for last name, job title, and country/region respectively.

Profile Pledge

In Poker Terminology In general, this part is called “Betting Information”. Here you outline your investment strategy for potential backers. Your deployment profile is customizable to some extent. So feel free to enter a short bio and upload some photos of yourself.

Total bonus, ITM%, average buy-in, betting history , GGPoker win total, etc. cannot be changed.

Play VIP games

On this page your account’s gaming history will be displayed in the GGPoker VIP section, including information on all recent and ongoing sessions. Viewing hands, opponents and other information will be a breeze.

“Rotation and Gain”

Here you can store all your spins and spins. Gold profile, including your game statistics, highest payouts, highest spin multipliers and overall game performance averages (3max and 6max). Among other things, this section displays your overall rating and ranking. For more information, visit PokerCraft.

Play or lose

Here you can find detailed analysis of all-in or fold games, including all-in percentage and relative advantage, the history of your strong and weak hands, and even Your “luck rate”. Each of your sessions is also recorded so you can see how much you deposit and how much you earn.

Emergency & Money

You can also instantly see the best and worst table positions for your Happiness Rate. Below you’ll see a list of sessions from which you can select one to view in PokerCraft or download to your device. In the section where you can choose how to view your session, you can view details such as game mode, duration, date, time, wins and losses, and more.

You can view your game logs, EV charts, your cards and review the situation to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in detail.

Fight to the death

In this section, we will first examine elements such as win total, games played, and knockout rounds. The first, second and final rounds are about to begin. You can expect to receive data in the form of numbers and statistical summaries for various battle royale games. Here you will find a list of fields with details such as time, mode, buy-in, knockout, length, finishing order and prizes.

Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Short Deck

The content contained in these three PokerCraft cash game guides is the same as Rush & Cash, both in terms of search functionality and session details.

My Competition

Under “My Tournaments” you can find details of every tournament you have participated in, as well as your GGPoker win total, highest win rate, and Participation rates, bonus areas, and more.

On my bet

PokerCraft’s My Bets page lists every bet you’ve ever purchased. It does not show where you have sold stocks in the past. Only information in which you have a financial interest is linked in this tab.

PokerCraft allows you to view the return on your investment by launching the application on your computer or mobile device and clicking “Me ‘s Bet’ button to track top returns, bonuses, ROI and more.

Questions about Fedor’s story

Past questions to Fedor Holz are archived here.There isn’t enough space to go into detail about how this feature of the program works, but in short, you can view your query history on this PokerCraft page.

If you want to know about this product called “Ask Fedor” The amazing application works and gives you access to GGPoker.

Completed tournaments

If you would like to check your standings for a tournament you have participated in, whether it is a past one or one in 2020, you can do so at WSOP Online Do this on the website.

On PokerCraft you can view each event in the results section The final ranking and number of chips. look. In this section you can view the current status of all ongoing contests on the service.

GGPokers integrates with PokerCraft’s advanced ana...

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