“jcastro18” from Costa Rica and “renova14” from Argentina won.

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Players from Costa Rica and Argentina stood out this weekend on 888poker, with “jcastro18” and “renova14” winning the Mystery Bounty event respectively.

Costa Ricans beat a total of 565 entrants to win value The $4,500 Mystery Bounty 5.50 Tournament Prize Jackpot is $493 ($389 Bonus + $104 Bonus). The Brazilian team “CarvalhoVi” finished second and received a prize of $372.

The second weekend winner from Latin America is ” renova14 “, from Argentina. He won the $1,500 Late Mystery Bounty 8.80 competition after beating out 148 other entrants. As a result of this outstanding performance, he won an impressive $432, twice as much as the German “davoide77”.

Also worth noting were the “three” Argentinians, “YingYangz” (6th), “Trabuca” (8th) and “Cholyespo1” (9th) in another of the weekend’s Reached the final table in a mystery bounty event.

I would like to congratulate all my Latin American brothers on their amazing achievements Incredibly successful.

Please remember that the Latin American League is a work in progress; new features and improvements will be added every week to keep up with the growing activity on the 888Poker LATAM Facebook page.

888Poker's champions are

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  • This text highlights the success of players from Costa Rica and Argentina in the recent 888poker events. It showcases the victories of jcastro18 and renova14 in different tournaments, along with other notable achievements by Latin American players. The author congratulates them and mentions the continuous development of the Latin American League on 888Poker LATAM Facebook page.

  • Eudora.hackett

    The text highlights the success of Costa Rican and Argentine players on 888poker, praising their victories in the Mystery Bounty events. It also mentions the strong performance of other Latin American players and emphasizes that the Latin American League is continuously improving to accommodate the growing activity on 888Poker LATAM Facebook page.

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