Jean-Robert Bellande discussed the $9.5 million donation.

During poker events, high-stakes players take their time while playing and often share anecdotes and insights with one another. As seen on High Stakes Poker, some of these tales are quite remarkable.

According to Jean-Robert Bellande, Andrew Roble and Tom Dwan played for a pot of $9,000,000. In 2015, a massive cash game took place at Aria Casino. Tom moved all in with pocket kings and Roble called with ace-king. Dwan was dealt two bad hands after the dealer had set the board.

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There is no internet footage of this hand, but Roble says it really happened. Andrew continued by saying that he had an ace on the first board and a flush on the second. What was Dwan’s reaction?

“He handled the setback with grace. If you didn’t know better, you may assume he just lost $300 “Noting, Bellande.

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