Marcos Lima brings home more than R$170,000 after winning Mysterious Millions at MXPS.

Marcos Lima has continued his winning streak in the live arena. During the course of the previous several months, he has won first place at a number of major poker festivals. These include the Circuito Gacho de Poker, the WSOP Circuit, the BSOP Millions, and the Circuito Argentino de Poker. The last time the northeasterner won was at MXPS. He won the bracelet in the festival’s Main Event, the Mystery Millions, and took home R$171,150.

With 1,390 submissions at R$1,000 apiece, Marcos faced an extremely difficult challenge. With GGPoker’s new sponsorship, the tournament’s grand prize was upgraded to a brand new, zero-kilometer vehicle.

Thiago Notari unearthed the sought-after letter. Blaise Lawrence Bourgeois, an American, claimed the R$30,000 reward.

See here for the full breakdown of the Mysterious Millions:

R$150,000 for Marcos Lima, No. 1

2. R$100,000 for Ivan Ianello Ortega

$60,000 for #3, Felipe Caraviello

A sum of R$40,000 was awarded to Rafael Barreto.

Fifthly, R$29,000 for Rodrigo Floriano

R$21,000 for #6 Luan Coelho

Seventeen thousand Brazilian Reals (R$) has been awarded to Felipe Martins Gonçalves.

R$14,000 for #8 Gabriela Lozove

R$12,000 goes to #9 Fernando Geraldo Macedo.

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