PokerOK is hosting exclusive satellites for the World Series of Poker’s Flip and Go event.

The most peculiar WSOP Online 2022-#18 $100 Flip&Go $1,000,000 event will have its start on August 27, 2022, when PokerOK will host the beginning stages of the competition. You may qualify by playing in the room’s special satellites, which include stacks with buy-ins beginning as little as 10 cents. Please refer to the article for more information.

Эксклюзивные сателлиты на WSOP Flip&Go ивент в PokerOK

The Format of the Tournament

Early in 2021, PokerOK became the first online poker site to host Flip&Go tournaments. One of the 33 bracelet competitions that are now taking place as part of the WSOP Online 2022 series will use this format.

The buy-in will just be $100, and there will be a guarantee of $1,000,000 in prize money. The competition from the year before had the same prize pool, but it was worth twice as much.


There will be a total of 200 Flip Stages of the event between the hours of 3 p.m. on August 27 and 6 p.m. on September 4. The total number of stacks accumulated by a single player across all of the Flip Stages will be totaled together on the final day.

The competition known as Go Gtage will get under way on September 5 at 21:00 local time.


WSOP Flip and Go Step 3

Through the use of satellites, you are able to enter any Flip Stage. PokerOK provides its players with the opportunity to compete in qualifying events for the #18 $100 Flip&Go by holding the following tournaments:

WSOP Flip&Go Step 1 will cost $0.10 and will guarantee 20 $1 tickets to the winners.

WSOP Flip&Go Step 2 for one dollar with a guarantee of ten tickets for five dollars each.

WSOP Flip&Go Step 3 will cost $5 and will guarantee 30 tickets worth $20 each.

The last sit, known as the WSOP Flip&Go Qualifier, is responsible for drawing ten players into the main event. The “Private” tab of the tournament lobby is where you will find all of these competitions.

Because of the way the event is structured, Go Gtage will have a distinct edge in terms of the size of its stack.

The history of the tournament

Georgios Sotiropoulos

There have been several iterations of the Flip&Go World Series played out. The first one to be held online came to a close in August of 2021 with 6,368 participants. Poker player Georgios Sotiropoulos from Greece took first place in the competition and won $117,022 in prize money.

In August of 2021, a live casino event of a similar kind was held. There were 1,240 people who entered to win $1,000. D.J. Alexander, an American, was victorious in the competition and took home $180,665 in prize money.

The new bracelet event has a very modest buy-in and a large number of flip stages, thus it has the potential to be the largest event in the history of the game.




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