Race for the Windfall Rake at Pokerdom

Pokerdom has launched a race for Spin players with a total of 700,000 that will last for one week. The race will be split into three leagues based on the value of the buy-in for the top 15 players in each league.

Windfall Rake Race в Покердом

Race Features

The most recent special promotion for Windfall tournaments that Pokerdom ran was earlier this year, and it was for the purpose of commemorating the release of their “Hyper” variant. It was again held throughout the week, but this time it was in the shape of a rake race, and the prize money was split among many different Leagues.

The Windfall Rake Race is scheduled to take place between November 7 and 13 in the year 2022, and there will be a total prize pool of 700,000.

This time around, the number of Leagues has been whittled down to three, and the lowest amount at which rake will be counted for ratings has been increased to fifty rubles. 

The buy-in for the events in League A is from 1,000 to 5,000 roubles, and there is a prize pool of 400,000 roubles.

League B will have prize pools totaling 200,000 RUB, with buy-ins of 250 and 500 RUB. 

League C: 50 and 100 Roubles, 100,000₽. 

Every ruble raked earns 1 point. The current ranking condition may be followed in the “Promotions” area of the Client’s Cashier. This part is located in the Client’s Cashier. Any number of leagues are open to participation by a single player:

Spins in Pokerdom. 

Only the commission that is paid out in Windfall on Hold’em games played in the 2 and 3-max formats are counted in accordance with the regulations of the promotion. Despite the fact that they may have a higher buy-in, many Heads-Up events tagged “All-in” are not eligible for the promotion.

The Classic Spins game, which has six multipliers ranging from x10 to x100 and a jackpot, is by far the most popular option in the room. They have a commission of 7% (for bets up to 500 rubles) and 6% (from 500 rubles), with an additional 0.5% going toward the jackpot winnings.Multipliers for a three-times-maximum Windfall:

*From five percent to fifty percent of the total goes towards rewards as the limit becomes higher. Prizes are doled out as follows for the jackpot and the x100 game: 75%-25%-15%.

Tournaments held at “Hyper” have a reduced starting stack of 300 chips and blind levels that last two minutes each. 




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