Rodrigo Seiji, a big hitter at GGPoker, has won two championships.

When Brazilian ace Rodrigo Seiji is competing, his country has a good chance of winning. He went to GGPoker and said “I won!” in front of two really serious players.

The Paraná native started his day by winning the $1,500 Grand Prix Europe, beating out 96 other competitors to take home $27,777. Andrii Novak, who finished second, increased his bankroll by $28,493 thanks to a bargain.

The next week, Seiji won the Sunday Crazy Eights HR $888 tournament. Once again, following the transaction, he “flipped” the title. Rayan “Sneaky Beriuzy,” a streamer, won the symbolic championship and $16,888, but he only won $16,018.

Seiji was the first person eliminated from Event 6: $1,050 NL during Super Million$ Week. The clincher in Hold’em. After he was knocked out in ninth place, he took home $12,192. The eighth-place finisher, “Melbi Lau,” earned $15,936, while the sixth-place finisher, Douglas Lopes, earned $27,227.

In addition, “crrrrrr7” placed third out of 132 players in Event 10: $1,050 NL during the festival. Hold’em, and his play resulted in a $25,598 payday.

Event #9: $1,050 NL Hold’em Turbo Fifth-place finisher Felipe Ketzer won $11,258.

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