Satellite winner Bernardo Peters wins the BSOP So Paulo Main Event

The winner of the BSOP Sao Paulo had a long road ahead of them before the show even started. Bernardo Peters earned a $162 satellite on PokerStars and a seat in the Main Event.

After waiting three weeks, the “Bernardo807” driver finally made it to the state capital of Sao Paulo. He rested up for the marathon that was the championship thanks to the “perks” he received, such as lodging at the festival hotel and use of the PokerStars lounge. A total of R$377,192 was awarded to the Macaé professional for his efforts.

With CL Edson Morais starting with 99 bbs, Bernardo had 50 bbs at the beginning of the championship. The veteran witnessed his opponents draw closer after he missed multiple pre-flop all-ins. The deadlocked pot necessitated a compromise, and the revised rewards were agreed with only before the meal break.

Johnatan Oliveira, better known by his nickname Dodô, played a sloppier game. To reach the final table of the KSOP Main Event with 80% of the chips in play, he eliminated three opponents in a row.

The Santa Catarina native came close to achieving greatness, but he faced a formidable foe in Bernardo. They played a winning flip when the match was close to a draw. Dodo was up with 33 versus AQ, but she drew the worst possible board of 8KA92 and watched as the silver bracelet became farther out of reach.

Dodo, down to 4 bbs, pushed all in on the following turn without looking at his hand. Bernardo made a phone call but was met by two aces. CL had little chance against the A7 on the board of 9Q648.

Dodo called Bernardo’s open shove with J10 three hands later. Bernardo was in last place with 108, holding 10K5JJ.

Dodo started out with AQ and called Bernardo’s 3-bet push because he thought the tides were about to change. The CL Team grinder dominated with A5, mowing down the 6Q44K on the board, and taking first place.

The Main Event’s R$2.2 million guarantee was quickly drained by 1,405 entrants who each paid R$3,000. Take a look at the breakdown of the R$3,357,120 prize pool and see how much each competitor won.

Rank 1: R$37,192, Bernardo Peters (Macaé, RJ)

Second place: R$245,735* for Johnatan Oliveira of Florianópolis, SC.

R$ 380,000* for #3 Edson Morais in Uberlândia, MG.

R$ 243,528* for number four, Leonardo Raja Gabaglia of Rio de Janeiro.

5. R$ 240,000* for Cristian Arturo of Chile 6.

Sixth place: R$ 104,600 for Jerson Seemund of Florianópolis, SC.

Seventh, Fernando Fecus of So Paulo, SP. R$80,100

Eighth place: R$ 56,770 for Henrique Nogueira (Teixeira De Freitas – BA).

R$ 43,600 ninth-place finisher Renan Meneguetti (Itaja – SC)

*Agreed-upon rewards.

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  • This text provides a detailed account of the BSOP Sao Paulo poker tournament, including the journey of the winner, Bernardo Peters, who earned a seat through a satellite on PokerStars. It also highlights the performances of other players and the prizes awarded to the top finishers in the tournament.

  • This text provides a detailed account of the journey and accomplishments of Bernardo Peters, the winner of the BSOP Sao Paulo poker tournament. It highlights his satellite entry, his experiences during the championship, and the final results and prizes awarded to the top competitors.

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