Satellites to live Pokerdom tournaments

Satellites to the live series are held often on Pokerdom. In the spring, three big events will be conducted simultaneously at the best casinos, and players will have the chance to purchase tickets to all of them at once.

Starting with daily free events, poker players may earn their way into the main event. Typically, purchasing several packages allows participants to boost their odds of winning the event’s grand prizes.

Shambhala Apps at the Casino

On April 3-16, qualifiers will be held for the APPS championship. You may get right in with the freerolls, or pay 300 rubles for a satellite to the Sunday finals. They will each get at least five 30,000 ruble lottery tickets.

The high stakes event follows a same schedule: a freeroll, a satellite with a buy-in of 600 rubles, and a final for 6,000 rubles. The top three finishers will each get a 60,000 ruble ticket.

The 2017 “Siberian Vegas” event has three tiers of entry fees: a freeroll, a satellite with a buy-in of 125 rubles, and the final for 1,250 rubles. At least five tickets for 12,500 rubles will be awarded.

The following are examples of tournament guarantees:

The grand prize is five million rubles.

High Roller on APPS costs 2,000,000 rubles, whereas Siberian Vegas is just 1,500,000.

The tournaments will take place in the “Shambhala” casino from April 21st to the 27th.

Casino Applications in Sobranie

Starting on April 17 and running until April 30, Pokerdom will be hosting a series of satellites leading up to the APPS in Casino Sobranie in early May. On those days, players may enter five separate tournament qualifiers:

The guarantee for both Day Accumulator 1A and 1B at Pokerdom is 2,050,000 rubles, with a buy-in of 27,500 rubles.

Buy in for Day 1A of the Kaliningrad Cup is 22,000 RUR with a guarantee of 3,500,000 RUR.

The first day of the High Roller Event has a guarantee of 4,000,000 RUB and a buy-in of 55,000.

Starting buy-in for Day 1 of the Amber Event is 82,500 RUB, with a 200,000 RUB guarantee.

Day A of the main event in Kaliningrad has a 30,000 RUB buy-in and a 6,000,000 RUB guarantee.

Satellites will kick off each selection, giving you a chance to win tickets for free or at a cheap cost (if reentering is necessary). Sundays have always been the day for the championship match. Winners are automatically included into the competition.

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