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Alexandre Reard Beats Stephen Chidwick For WSOP Br...

The final week of the WSOP featured several major tournaments and some pretty big prizes in the second half of the series. Four new champions have been crowned, along with some great stories, including the first tournament winner or million-dollar victory over a gaming legend. Take a look at the following:

Event #88: $1,500 The Closer – No Limit Hold’em

Pierre Shum

The Closer is a tournament with a Sensational story. Pierre Shum became the overall winner of the competition and won his first bracelet. But that’s not all. This is exactly the first game in Pierre Shum’s life. That’s right, in his first poker tournament, Pierre Shum won a bracelet in the world’s greatest poker series.

Shum prevailed over a field of 3,531 entrants, cementing his triumphant debut and immortalizing the memorable moment of his championship win. good luck. The American player won $606,811 and spoke about how he achieved this unexpected success:

“I’ve been playing poker for a long time, but mainly with friends. I just started this year Plays cash games. I started playing this mostly because my friends were playing. I did make a lot of friends at the tables. The place I play is very social so it’s fun. I’m here today to win .I didn’t think about money at all,” concluded the champion.

Event #89 $1,000 FLIP & GO No-Limit Hold’em from GG Poker

Dong Meng

Since GGPoker Since its introduction, Flip & ; GO has also made its mark at the WSOP, and it was in this event that Dong Meng won his first victory in the world’s largest poker series. Using a different (and to many, controversial) format, the casual player defeated 1,024 entrants and pocketed $160,490.

“I feel surreal. I’m very excited.” I’m very grateful for the opportunity, and I know a lot of people who can come here, so I feel very lucky. I love the unity that poker brings to people from all walks of life and it is my dream to compete against the best and discuss it with my friends. ” said the champion.

Event #90 $10,000 6-Hand No-Limit Hold’em Tournament

Alexandre Reard and his fans

The previous The first WSOP million was awarded in Event #90. Frenchman Alexandre Reard accomplished the feat and it was a victory not to be missed. In addition to the $1 million prize and his second bracelet, Reed can also say he beat a gaming legend in a heads-up match.

Alexandre Reard won a $10,000 prize money tournament in 6-player no-limit hold’em with 550 players. The two-time WSOP champion had to beat Stephen Chidwick (and Phil Hellmuth in the final event) heads-up for the title, a sweet story that netted him a cool $1,057,663.

Reard said he “loved the atmosphere” of the tournament, with the Main Event final table just next door. By winning the title, he became the first Frenchman to win two bracelets in No-Limit Hold’em, drawing crowds of fans to cheer him on from the start. His wife, who also participated in the series, couldn’t hold back tears when she saw her husband win again.

Event #92 $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Freezeout

Kang Hyun Lee

Another Canadian player who did well late in the WSOP was Kang Hyun Lee. The player defended his title towards the end of the series and became the overall winner of the US$ 1K Freezeout tournament, which featured Brazilians Ricardo Nakamura and Eider Cruz and fellow Canadian Vanessa Kade in the tiebreaker.

Kang Hyun Lee won his first bracelet and US$236,741 out of 1,710 entrants. The combination got him really excited: “It’s incredible! I’ve been a poker lover my whole life and it feels surreal to finally win the most coveted prize money in the game,” said the champion.

Alexandre Reard Beats Stephen Chidwick For WSOP Br...

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  • The text showcases the exciting final week of the WSOP, highlighting notable victories and impressive performances by new champions. It brings attention to the sensational stories of Pierre Shum, Dong Meng, Alexandre Reard, and Kang Hyun Lee, who achieved their first bracelet wins and significant prize money in different events.

  • The text highlights the achievements of four poker champions in different events of the WSOP. It showcases their remarkable wins, their experiences, and the emotions they felt upon their victories. Overall, it portrays the excitement and unpredictability of the tournament.

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